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for all your direct josephine needs. anything related specifically to the
inquisition advisors, please see here
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sending crystal.

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Good day, Lady Montilyet, this is Lady Vauquelin. I wished to inform you of a matter that will require your attention in - the future. I have made arrangements with Knight-Commander Norrington for him to provide my editorial publication with his illustrations and notes on the varieties of demons, and I offered him a percentage of profits made using them. He would like you to oversee its being contributed to charitable works by the Chantry.

If that's acceptable, my literary agent in Orlais will contact you directly when it becomes necessary.
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The first edition went over very well, I thought.

( she won't be able to get away with never mentioning elves indefinitely, but she'd known that. it's in her best interests not to die on that particular hill. )

I've got more notes than I know quite what to do with - I won't run out of things to say.
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Josie, do you have a moment? I've had an idea that might merit discussion.

( a pause. )

Over tea, perhaps.
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Oh, I don't know; sandwiches could always be arranged.

( it's that kind of lightness that lends itself well to hiding utter dramatics, even when it is so sincerely whimsical. )

Thank you. If I stop by in an hour, would that suit? I've some concerns regarding fiscal matters for the Wardens.

( How To Keep Them Funded and How To Make Them Owe More To The Inquisition As A Result, although she's no doubt Josie already has such matters in her general awareness. )
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Alas, how ever will the kitchens cope with such a rejection?

( Judging by the quick change in tone, she doesn't think they'll suffer too badly. )

I'll see you soon.

( And, sure enough, right on the dot of time Leliana is walking into Josie's office. ) Have you spoken with any of the Wardens much, of late?
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Truthfully or tactfully?

( Leliana walks with her hands swaying at her sides, stopping to lean against the back of one of the armchairs rather than sit in it. )

I am concerned for their financial wellbeing, ( ... well. ) and how we might best help them.

( And thus the Inquisition. Favours and feelings of gratitude and being indebted seemed more an area for a diplomat than a woman that made people recoil. )
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( And Leliana? Smiles.

In that alarming, bardly sort of way. )

However will render them most indebted to us. ( But a little more lightly: ) Do you think there are any nobles in Ferelden that might be moved to aid the order that saved them during the Blight? I've no desire to leave the Inquisition out of pocket.
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[A letter written in a fine, well-educated hand is slipped onto Josephine's desk.]

Good afternoon Lady Montilyet,

I offer you greetings and all courtesies, and I hope the day finds you in a warm and hopefully generous mood. It was recently brought to my attention that you might appreciate someone with political and social acumen to assist you with your diplomatic duties, perhaps someone who could lift some of the smaller burdens to allow you to tackle the larger ones. I would like to offer my services in that regard.

For my references, I was once the King's Hand of Westeros, which would amount to Head Chancellor and Minister, I believe, in your parlance. I drew and arranged treaties between major houses, and also helped formulate strategies to protect our capital city from being overrun by rebels.

If you would find me useful to you, I am currently staying in one of the wooden homes down in the valley with my wife. In case this assists, or detracts, I am what you call a Rifter, but I have been studying up on your political history and believe I can grasp the finer aspects in time, if you find yourself in need of my services.

Either way, all blessings to you, my lady. Be well.

Tyrion Lannister of House Lannister
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Lady Montilyet,

I am pleased, and honored, that you have considered my proposal with such a positive outlook. If I might be as so kind as to ask you for the first open slot in your schedule, I shall happily slide myself into the niche.

Warm wishes,
Ser Tyrion Lannister
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Then I would be pleased to meet with you. Would your office suffice?

- Tyrion Lannister