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Name: Tash
Age: 22
Contact: [ profile] lythdan
Other Characters: n/a
Interests: I am mostly interested in exploring the world of Thedas and how it would change after the Inquisitor's death! Granted, given my character choice, political intrigue is what Josephine is most likely to get involved in, but she is sure to be involved in general Inquisition duties as well.

Name: Josephine
Canon/OC: Dragon Age
Journal: [personal profile] theproperglove
Race: Human
Nationality: Antivan
Occupation: Ambassador for the Inquisition
Age: Word of God places her at approximately ~28!


Josephine Montilyet on the Dragon Age wiki.


At first glance, Lady Josephine Montilyet is both kind and gentle, and carries herself with the utmost decorum. Even when one gets to know her better, all these things remain true. She was chosen as the Inquisition's ambassador to her 'painful' integrity; even it comes a great personal cost to herself, she is the type of person who will always do what she believes is right. Despite her graceful demeanour, Josephine is not a woman to be trifled with. She is a highly skilled negotiator, and a former Antivan ambassador to Orlais, is an experienced player of the Game that shapes much of Thedosian politics. Even though she doesn't find herself often having to go out of her way to hide her thoughts, Josephine does have a certain mask of inscrutability. Whether it's convincing people that her ideas are their own, or whether playing a round of Wicked Grace, Josephine is able to wield her natural poise as a finely crafted weapon. Although others consider her polite and refined, Josephine insists that she also has an 'exuberant' side, some of which can be seen in situations such as when she cheers loudly, hand in the air, after Cullen gives his speech after the formation of the Inquisition, and her love of the glamour and frivolity of Orlais (as compared to the drab coldness of Ferelden).

While Josephine habours no dark and dangerous secrets of her own, she is always interested by other people's, and how they might be used to her advantage in her role. She is ultimately loyal to the cause she works for, which is in this case, the Inquisition, and no political mechanisms or schemes are off-limits for Josephine if it will further the Inquisition's goals without needless bloodshed. Due to her past experiences, she abhors direct violence and prefers to spread political influence through spending coin, trading favours, and ruining the occasional marriage.

Ultimately, Josephine just wants to see the very best for the people and causes she cares about, and will work herself to the bone to achieve it. She cares deeply about her family and the reputation of House Montilyet, and directs her family's affairs remotely; nonetheless, she does not prioritise either of her responsibilities over the other. This is because she considers herself capable and competent in handling both, and in fact, the best candidate in doing so. She takes pride in her achievements, not due to a strong sense of competition but simply because reputation matters to her. She is well aware of how much reputation matters in politics, and she's careful about crafting a legacy that people can respect.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Josephine's main strength is, of course, her political expertise. If someone's worth knowing, then Josephine will know of them, even if they have not met personally. As the Inquisition attempts to gather the favour and backing of the nobility, Josephine is the one who will know all the little details of things like what wine they like, whether their bark is worth than their bite and any salacious scandals they're rumoured to be involved in. Basically, she's very good at knowing what people want and how to get them whatever it is that they desire through the power of sheer diplomacy. I am of course, more than happy to work with other players in the game to ensure that she doesn't become unrealistically all-knowing (because where's the fun in that)?

At one point in her younger years, Josephine was being trained as a bard. While she has the skill of ferreting out political intrigue down pat, Josephine was not made out for a life of murder and assassination. While she has few qualms about ruining someone's life through political machinations, when confronted with death she becomes distressed with thoughts of what that person might've become. Politics are an acceptable target to Josephine, people's lives, on the other hand, are not. She would've been a really bad bard. That all being said, Josephine is not the type of person who's suited to the front lines of an army, and she is more than happy to stay physically, far, far away from any actual fighting that is going on.


Josephine has the clothes on her back, and a box full of candles and stationery.


In a manner of speaking, Leliana brought Josephine to the Inquisition. Leliana needed someone with 'painful integrity' to aid the Inquisition, and once Leliana actually explained to Josephine what the Inquisition is, Josephine was happy to help out. The Inquisition is the force that Josephine trusts most to return stability to Thedas.


Fade Rift setting:

Josephine would never have guessed there was a castle of this size hidden in the mountains. Where had it come from? Who had built it? What was its original purpose? These were questions to which she did not yet have the answer, but she was confident if she made the proper inquiries, contacted the right people, she would soon be able to unearth some useful information. Even if Skyhold's lineage could not be accurately traced, there was sure to be some noble house or another that would claim this fortress among the others in their history, and she could use that to the Inquisition's advantage. She was confident that the people here were doing good work, and it was still surreal to her, sometimes, that she was playing an active part in shaping the world as she knew it. Yet, despite everything that had occurred to lead her to her current role, she would change nothing about it. Josephine was happy here, being somewhere she knew she was needed.

Besides, Skyhold had the most magnificent views!

A stolen moment from canon:

She carries her papers with her in a small trunk tucked carefully underneath her shoulder. Josephine does not know precisely what this merchant she has been dealing with wants from her, so it does not hurt to be prepared. When she had noticed the overpayments, it was only natural to pull all the strings rectify them. She hopes that she has not made some sort of mistake - how embarrassing it would be to be called out on some error of basic accountancy!

The estate is typical of Antivan architecture, tall, but squat at the same time, painted a colour that somehow reflects and matches the colour of nearby Rialto Bay. She wonders if it is a show of power on the merchant's behalf, while most ordinary people would want any money owed to them paid back in due time, perhaps she had somehow offended them, and... here she was, standing outside the gates, worrying, instead of simply going inside and getting her answers! The client in this particular transaction had been more mysterious than most; any investigations into the family name provided turned up empty, which lead Josephine to believe that it was, perhaps, a false name, but that had not mattered at the time.

When the gates open and Josephine sees the familiar face that's standing inside, she can't help but let out a breath she hadn't intentionally held, followed quickly with a smile. Leliana. Of course. She should've known. 'It has been a long time, my friend. What brings you to Antivan City?'