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Josephine Montilyet ([personal profile] theproperglove) wrote 2016-09-02 02:32 pm (UTC)



[personal profile] stabsbooks | In which Josephine gossips about Cassandra's love life | 08/20
"There is no person that quite attracts gossip like a hero."

[personal profile] thecookery | In which Avery wishes to know Josephine's favourite food | 08/24
"I just won't eat nug."

[personal profile] extramural | In which The Outsider has a gift for Josephine | 08/24
"I saw whales."

[personal profile] eolasemah | In which Sina gives Josephine a rose | 08/25
"You are restoring beauty to the world."

[personal profile] universal_charm | In which a game of chess is played | 08/26
"Good lord, you poor woman."

[personal profile] qunari | In which Josephine needs to take a break | 08/28
"The gardens are flourishing more than I had anticipatedt."

[personal profile] cintra | In which the resilience of plants is discussed | 08/29
"They can adapt to their surroundings better than most."

[personal profile] gatheringstorm | In which Josephine and Korrin discuss the acquisition of spices | 08/30
"I have been hearing less complaints about the kitchens of late."

[personal profile] circleprodigy | In which the requisition at hand is books | 08/30
"There is an esteemed librarian back home who owes me a favour."

[personal profile] dashing | In which Herian presents Josephine with a philosophical quandry | 08/30
"I miss knowing my place in the world." | 08/30

[personal profile] sunshinethroughgrey | In which Josephine learns about the connection of twins | 08/30
"I would know if something was wrong."

[personal profile] rowancrowned | In which the Inquisition's alcohol stocks are inadequate | 08/30
"I have a fondness for Antivan wine."

[personal profile] petitchiot | In which Josephine attempts to understand technology | 08/30
"The capacity for magic runs in the blood."

[personal profile] thecookery | In which Josephine and Avery discuss and compare family | 08/30
"Your sister is getting into all sorts of trouble again."

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