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2030-01-22 02:27 pm
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NAME: Josephine Montilyet
AGE: 28
RACE: Human
OCCUPATION: Ambassador for the Inquisition
HEIGHT: ~5'5"
BUILD: Slim underneath all those ruffles!
HAIR: Dark brown
EYES: Hazel
BEARING: Graceful
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: x2 moles on her face; one on her forehead, the other to the right of her bottom lip

In her office, answering letters from foreign dignitaries, for forever and a day. Has been increasingly restless lately and can be sighted in various places around Skyhold (gardens, tavern, kitchen) when not in her office.


She tries her very utmost to be helpful and is usually willing to entertain most questions/discussions no matter how busy she is. Come talk to her. Very lovely and polite like 95% of the time, but if your family can be somehow manipulated to improve the Inquisition's interests, expect no mercy.


Noble relatives, Antivan culture, Thedosian economy, The Game, politics in general, fascinating stories (tell her about your LIFE she wants to know), wondering about what lies across the sea, Rifters (and their stories)

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2016-10-04 05:50 pm


Backtagging: Y
Threadhopping: Y
Fourthwalling: N
Offensive subjects: It is very difficult to offend me or make me uncomfortable. Any topics are okay, so long as they're in context.

Hugging this character: Sure! She might even hug you back.
Kissing this character: Certainly. Reactions might vary. Leliana might be Concerned.
Flirting with this character: GO FOR IT.
Fighting with this character: Why would you... :c It would be a pretty one-sided battle, but if it comes up, let's discuss it.
Injuring this character: Please consult me before doing anything that might take more than a couple of weeks to recover from!
Killing this character: N
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure. I'll work with you on this one!
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2016-03-01 04:26 pm
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[ HMD ]


If you have any feedback on the way I've been playing everyone's favourite ANTIVAN AMBASSADOR, please leave it with me here. Anon is on, IP logging is off, and comments are screened.

Name: Nat
Email: ziskandra(at)gmail[dot]com
Personal DW: [personal profile] ziskandra
Plurk: [ profile] ziskandra
Timezone: GMT + 10
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2016-02-27 09:39 pm
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for all your direct josephine needs. anything related specifically to the
inquisition advisors, please see here
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2016-01-29 01:28 pm
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( assumed/hardwaved cr for [community profile] faderift )

Seeing as Josephine had been around the whole time since the Breach closed, but I haven't, I thought it would be neat to have a consolidated place for any hashing out of assumed interactions/prior knowledge and the like!

Please leave your character's name in the subject line and feel free to comment on anything that comes to mind: things your character might've done that would've attracted Josephine's attention; any noble relations your character has that Josephine can use/be aware of; any conversation your character might've had with Josie?

Slam 'em here!